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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


so i bought myself a sexy new jap-phone on the third day here.

i tried really hard to get my iPhone working in Japan, i searched the web for solutions and called customer service hotlines of several cellular network providers weeks before my trip. i love my apple phone and don't see anything else that could take its place, especially not on my stay in Tokyo.
but it seems like the only company that sells the iPhone here, Softbank, has blocked every possibility to use one that hasn't been purchased with their contract in their store.

anyway, now i'm really glad i could find a good excuse to buy one of those fancy Japanese phones, 'keitai'.

my new sweetheart is the light pool by iida, a beautifully designed phone with a completely unnecessary cool led-animated back. 

it's pure eye candy.

here's the phone in action, with a nice soundtrack by Perfume and a really really pretty haafu-lady.


  1. The provider issue.. Such a sad story. You can't even use the iPod function when you don't have the correct SIM, don't you? I couldn't.
    By the way, your Jap-Phone looks rather.. how can I say this in proper english... GAY!!! :)

    Kisses from Zurich

  2. the provider in japan really exploits the market by monopolizing the iPhone... jerks.

    yes, my phone is GAY, STYLISH and SEXY ;)

    inappropriately gay kisses from Tokyo

  3. Wow, that thing looks awesome. Will it also work back in Switzerland?
    Can you program the LED animation?
    it's cool : D

    I'll take the iphone if you don't need it, by the way. Gotta run off to swisscom again, my crappy thing broke down once more apparently <.<

  4. lol^^ what a bling bling phone! love the interior and the screen display a lot more than the bling bling though ;P and above all, it's white! <3 :)



    Srsly, phones in Singapore here are freaking ugly. >_>

  6. Well, the inside looks really neat, the outside though... fancy? :D Hope you'll survive without having constantly an Apple product at your side ;]

    Take care

  7. Das Handy hab ich mal auf einem Design-Blog gesehen vor einiger Zeit. Dachte, das wär nur n Konzept. Find ich sehr, sehr stylish!