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about me.

i feel a little silly writing this, but i guess you need to get to know me first:

my name is dennis. 

i am that guy you see on top of this page.
i am half Japanese and half Swiss.
i was born in 1990.
i speak Japanese, German, Swiss-German, English and a little French.
i have always been fascinated with everything visual.
i love photography.
i am very very very curious.
i am obsessed with gadgets i cannot afford.
i can be very serious, but also very silly.
i hope i'm smarter than i think i am.
i think i think too much in general, which i think is bad.
i don't know what to write here.
i think you should rather go and start reading my blog to get to know me better.

sorry for wasting your time. my journals are much more interesting!

i hope.