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Sunday, July 3, 2011

colors and the internet.

i finally found out how to display the colors of my photos on this blog correctly!

while this might not change much for my dear visitors, it's big news to me. 
i got some negative criticism a while ago saying that some content was too starkly contrasted and the colors were irritatingly strong. 
you know, i used to save my images with over-the-top saturation, because the colors always looked washed out and low contrast when put on the internet. i never knew why. plus, my old sony vaio computer i used seemed to have a really odd color calibration, which made it hard for me to judge how others saw my pictures on this blog. 

but now,  i bought this macbook pro and learned how to save my jpegs in a web-friendly color profile sRGB, which seems to work. it was Diana's idea to try that, and i'm very thankful. go check out her beautiful art on

see, constructive criticism really helps! gimme more :)

1 comment:

  1. I feel you.
    I once saw my photographs through a Sony Vaio and it was horrible!
    I immediately offered myself to fix that for my friend... i searched for a long time a way to fix it and i ended up in secceeding, fortunately :)