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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

jun, part three.

this is part three, one more to go!
again, constructive criticism is much appreciated.


  1. I hope my comments aren't too harsh. I confess that I'm no expert in such photography but this is what I felt when I saw the photos:

    - The photos seem generally 'flat'? I don't know how to describe it better but it just seem very lacklustre and totally not-your-usual standards :( It's quite disappointing to be honest.

    - -> IMO, this shot is one of the better ones. There's contrast and emotions in the photo.

    - I think the issue is the emotions? Like, I can't seem to feel anything out of the photos except for that close up shot of his face. He seems a bit too stiff?

    - The colours were a little too oversaturated and 'orange' for my liking. There doesn't seem to have a clear distinction in hues and colour tones.

    - I felt like I understand what you're trying to achieve but at the same time, you seem a little lost at what you're originally trying to portray?

    I'm sorry to say but it's actually quite disappointing to see this from you but I know you're trying >_<

  2. THANKS! i never get feedback that is as honest as yours ^^

    - i totally see what you mean by 'flat', and it's something that i dislike in my pictures here... it might be a lousy excuse, but i think that one reason is the fact that i did those pics for his portfolio. he posed the way he wanted, and i had no concept or message i wanted to express with those pics. it shows, doesn't it? ...

    - it's also my favorite because it's a snapshot 'between' his poses. i like the first one as well, though.

    - maybe it's correct to say that i was going for the 'i'm-a-wannabe-cosmetics-model-in-a-magazine-look'.

    - the COLORS.... GAWD I WISH SOMEONE COULD HELP ME WITH IT. it's a technical problem. i discovered that the colors look desaturated when i put them online (also on dA btw), so i oversaturate them in photoshop to even this flaw out... but then i also discovered that the colors look TOTALLY different on other computer screens, so i kinda gave it up... HELP

    - i wasn't trying to portray anything, i was trying to shoot nice pictures where the model looked nice.

    the above are rather explanations than excuses. but it really made me think about deleting this stuff. or giving up photography. (jk)

    i am thankful for comments like these, please stay 'harsh' for my future works!^^ i appreciat it very much!

    ^,^/ thank you

  3. You're welcome! ^^

    - Hmm i guess it could be the reason. It's just like how sometimes I find commercial photos flat cause it's what the client wants and not the photographer's true creativity ^^

    - The first one is one of the better shots, I agree on that!

    - The problem with your colour issue XD I found out othe cause: You're using your colour space in Adobe RGB (1998). Adobe RGB's colour space is limited so when you cross over different computer platforms, it'll look either too saturate or too desaturated. It's more evident when it comes to switching between Mac and Windows platform. To solve this, simply convert your colour profile to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. There will still be a slight saturation difference but it won't be as drastic as using Adobe RGB :D I was as paranoid last time when I discovered my pictures look different across different platforms and it was then I discovered the problem. ^^ Read this guy's website: Thanks to his website, i understood what was going on with my colour space management and i fixed my problem :D

    - Maybe sometimes when we want to shoot pretty things, we end up making it look like snap shots. So maybe we can focus on what aspect of the model do we want to sell? Like if it's his face you would like to sell, maybe you can focus more on his features and give him more distinct lighting to bring out the shadows and etc on his face, giving him a more prominent look? It varies ^^

    I get this kind of comments once a while on my works. We're only human after all so it's an occasional thing if we don't perform the best as we should have ^^

    <3 Continue striving and I hope to see greater works coming from you :D

  4. To add on about your colour issue, just a note ^^:

    Our photos will look slightly desaturated even when we use sRGB but it won't be as drastic as the adobe RGB colour space ^^. Just keep in mind that everyone's colour monitor isn't colour managed, so even if you managed your web browser, your computer etc with the latest colour management software like Spyder, people who're viewing your work don't usually have colour managed web browsers or computer ^^.

    Key important point to note is that what you see in your computer must look like what your final photo print is. Yes, printing your work out physically for portfolio is the most important thing ^^ And managing your printing's colour, is another whole different issue XD;

    So, don't worry too much about it once you switch your colour space to sRGB ^^ Usually what i do is, i'll just up the saturation by +15 before saving it as a JPEG to upload on the web. So what is on the web, will look like what i intend it to be on print and on my computer ^^ I experiment it with other windows and mac computers so it's relatively quite accurate.

  5. Umm i don't know how to comment in terms of photography side but i see what i see therefore i suppose this series isn't what i'd expect from your work, cos i've seen your works, and they are helluvalot better.

  6. Hmm... a little suggestion? Because his features come off as a strong image, maybe you could soften the overall "look" of the photographs. I'm not sure how you can do it, but I think the lighting helps. Have it dimmed a little more.
    In the last picture, I think the lighting was too bright and harsh. It takes away a nice quality to his pose (hiding behind his hand as if in shyness).
    Also, he did look a bit stiff. I can see his collar bones taut in some of his poses.

    im not a professional, nor am i good photographer, but I hope this helps. :) Hope to see better pictures from you.