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Sunday, November 28, 2010

kawagoe matsuri.

i went to this huge festival in Kawagoe over a month ago. never got to show you the pictures i took there. it was first time for me to ever go to such a traditional japanese festival. it was quite an experience.

the photos are in chronological order, i'll leave them uncommented for the time being.



  1. wow, you really make me wish i was there to experience all that sight, smell and noise ;w;

    LOL the last picture is just so wrongggggg XD;

  2. I like how exotic is all feels. How it feels like it's a completely unique and once and a life time experience.

    And what do they do with those turtles?!

  3. it's a game where they try 'fishing' the turtles using a scoop made of biscuit, which is hard because it dissolves quickly in water. but if you succeed, you can keep the turtle.
    oh, i can hear peta screaming outside my window :/

  4. sugoooiiii!!! you're not wearing yutaka? :D

  5. :) it must be an awesome feeling being in that crowd and experience it 1st hand :) and fantastic photos! i can hear the noise, the warmth, the excitement, the joy, the laughter!!! :) <3 bravo!!!

  6. Another set of lovely photos. Agree with Ben, you definitely capture the feeling and buzz of the occasion.

    I loved festivals, such a wonderful experience being immersed in the middle of it all, especially given half the time I didn't know what it was for... until someone kindly explained it to me as I was walking through lol

    I like the cheeky shot at the end XD So... erm.. alluring. I'd not say no :P

    Makes me wish i'd tried to go to a hadaka matsuri ^^

  7. thank you!
    i knew you'd like the last one :P

  8. Thank you for the lovely pictures! ^^

    hey, just REALLY REALLY curious.... since you're multilingual and all... how does your accent sound like when you speak in English? O__o

  9. sorry for the late reply!

    i think i got a mild but really weird accent. it's neither Japanese nor German, and it changes depending on my mental fitness / mood / environment.

  10. haha a weird accent? hard to imagine. :)