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Monday, November 15, 2010

jun, part two.

this is part two, more to come!
if you like, tell me your favorites in the comments :)


  1. What a handsome guy!

    I really like the third one and last one. All your photos look very natural and I love the colors. It looks like something for an Autumn fashion advertisement.

    I really love your photography. You've recently become my favorite photographer since I found you on deviantart <3 Please continue to post more!!

  2. Love the 3rd, 4th and especially 6.

    IMO, it's better than your previous shoot with him <3

  3. I think Jun looks better candid. The ones whereby he looks at the cam and at the stairs look a little too directed. the rest are fantastic as usual. :)

  4. @Birdie, i am very glad to hear you like my photos^^ there will be more, i promise

    @Diana i prefer this shoot too, the other ones were a little to 'frozen' :3
    funny, i thought the first one was the best :P thanks for the feedback!

    @Robin i agree. there are too many pictures where he looks at the camera, i didn't notice this tendency while shooting. but i think it was his intention to captivate the viewer by doing this, and some turned out well that way. i'm not too unhappy with the pics that look staged actually, since this is a protfolio-shoot with the intention of exposing his chocolaty-side.

  5. LOL chocolaty. I guess so but he has such great eyes and from what i see, his profile shots while looking at the camera turn out the best instead of straight looking to the camera. But that's just me.

    Oh and I'm loving the whole white pants thing by the way lol. can't help but liking it.

  6. my favourites? All of them!
    Holy Helly, Darling, you're simply awesome!
    Your Skills become better and better with every shot you take!
    Miss you! <3

  7. Welcome hun! <3 Hope to see you getting more and more awesome in your photography with each post! :D

  8. OMG, he's sooo hot! XD

    The last two are my favourites, especially the second last, the one of Jun lying down on the grass. Wonderful shots Dennis ^__^

  9. thank you^^ the one in the grass was quite a drama to do, there were so many mosquitos and Jun didn't understand why i wanted him to lay there for me... :P

  10. Second last is most intense though a very fine moment. I guess like in life, photography needs drama (the stains from the grass and mosquito bites) to fascinate truly and in depth.