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Friday, November 5, 2010

film festival for free.

thought it was time for another update. i feel like every day of my life here in japan is worth an entire blog post, but i will only focus one big thing now in order to save time ; )

so i was given a total of 5 free tickets for screenings at the Tokyo International Film Festival. 

  • La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi 
  • *****
  • Et In Terra Pax 
  • **
  • Chongqing Blues 
  • ****
  • Essential Killing 
  • ***
  • Never Let Me Go 
  • ***

i loved the first movie. later that week, i bumped into its main actress and director at the subway station so i talked with them for a while and let someone take our picture. Alba Rohrwacher is brilliant, her charisma stunned me.

Chongqing Blues was very good, too. a little long and sometimes boring, but it delivered the right atmosphere.

i was particularly disappointed by the screening of Never Let Me Go. not just because neither of my fav actors Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley showed up at the Q&A, but also because of my high expectations for this film. the photography is wonderful, the acting is touching, the music is moving... but something was missing there. i guess it was the story. the original book which the movie is based on has this really interesting topic of the ethics of cloning and organ donation. the film merely touches these philosophical questions. in the Q&A after the screening, director Mark Romanek said that he "just really wanted to focus on the love story". so he did.
fair enough, but please don't waste millions of dollars and impressive talent for such experiments next time, please?

the festival took place in a cinema complex at the Roppongi Hills, home to one of the tallest buildings in Japan, the Mori Tower. its 49th floor was reserved for invited journalists, so they could have a seat, enjoy the view and use the free WiFi. fortunately, i managed to sneek in a couple of times, so i had a very enjoyable time by the window, taking pictures or eating my sandwiches 230m above ground.

i was there when the taifun hit japan... sometimes, the top of the tower was completely hidden in the clouds and i couldn't see anything.

many journalists used iPads instead of laptops! (well ok, this guy is just skype-ing, but still...)

can you guess what these streaks of light are?
yes, it's planes approaching Haneda Airport, leaving their marks in my long exposure shot.

i'm very happy with the shots i was able to take from there, maybe i will post some more skyline pics later (they're very hard to edit >,<).

busy times!


  1. wow it's so beautiful and it's really awesome you could go and attend the film festival!

    Something I wish I could do so :(

  2. wa-i. hayashi tower da-.

    1. those streaks of light reminded me of a WAR (O_o)
    2. i need an obasan as well to get an ipad.

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  4. awesome pictures! love the sky line, entire city, everything. Just love every pictures you take. STUNNINGLY AWESOME. @,@

    just a question!, You said 5 free tickets? so one for you!, where are the other four? sending me one? =,=

  5. lol. the sleeping one is so awesome ;P you should watch "Sepet" since u r in Japan because it used to take part in some Japanese Film Festival thingy a few years back. i suppose u can find the movie in Tokyo. it's quite a simple but nice film. go n have a look. perhaps u will like it. :)

  6. These photo's you took Denkyo are beautiful!
    I especially love the one with the guys sleeping, so dreamlike.
    Love your blog, keep it up.

  7. Awesome night shot of Tokyo Tower!! I also love the blue tint one, very cool XD

    What a cool experience to meet the actress and director. I'd absolutely love to go to such a film festival ^^