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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

tokyo train tales.

living on the edge of this huge metropolis, commuting has become a very central aspect of my daily life. it feels like half of my day is consumed by sitting standing in the train. in this small place, people are forced to share a part of their life's time with strangers. there's no escape, so to speak. i find this kind of confrontation very interesting, and my mind starts to fabricate hundreds of stories around the fate of those people.

miss questionmark

mid aged woman reading one piece, a manga popular among male teenagers

many people try to get the most out of their time, so they sleep on the train.

the untouchables. women in a female-only-car.

very often, i see entire groups (5-8 guys) of commuting male students play with their Nintendo DS' after school


  1. It's so interesting to see different sides of people on the train ^___^

  2. I sometimes speak in my sleep during night (that's what sumie tells me) and i'm kinda afraid if i speak something in my sleep on train... i might do it because i get starred when i woke up there :/
    nice pix :)

  3. This is really wonderful. :) You got the emotions perfectly. And the shots are interesting as they are. Thanks for sharing! :) Life, indeed, goes on...

  4. I love these kinds of photos Dennis! Images that convey the lives of completely random people in day to day life... I love just people watching, wondering what they do after they pass by. Guess my mind has been trained that way as an anthropologist...

    Those 'women only' carriages lol. I remember rushing to get a train and went on one without thinking. It was only when I was about 5 mins into the journey when I noticed no men that I realised I shouldn't be on one. Strange thing was that not one female traveller even said anything to me. Guess they just put it down to me being gaijin... :P

    But... Great images as always ^__^