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Sunday, October 24, 2010

lost in tokyo.

i met up with a friend from switzerland who happened to be in Tokyo for a while. 
neither of us had any idea what to do, so it was all very spontaneous. we figured it would be great to go climb the tokyo tower, since it was a touristic landmark we both had yet to see. 
unfortunately, i didn't have my wide angle lens with me, so i stitched four pictures i took with my 50mm lens together for this full shot above.

i really love this chaos.

ok, i just couldn't help myself. i always wanted to do purikura, and there was such a booth inside the tokyo tower. so i gently forced my friend to take some pics with me. awkward. and pretty stressful! there is this special editing mode where you can decorate your pics on the touchscreen, but they only give you about 30secs to get it all done. 
the result: two embarassing photos, decorated with lots of sparks, stars and pink hearts. 


we had ramen for lunch in Ginza. found this awesome place where every part of your noodle soup is 'customizable'. loved it.

then we went to the Abercrombie & Fitch Store, to show my friend what it looks like.

the store is very surreal, almost ridiculous: it has hunks greeting you at the entrance (usually with their shirts open, so girls like to take pictures with them), eleven floors, tons of cheap perfume in the air, loud club music and almost no light, so you can hardly see what you are buying. not my kinda store.

but once inside, two employees approached us and invited us to audition as an 'abercrombie store model'. actually, it was the second time this happened to me there. they seem to like half-japanese people like us very much.

next stop on our odysee was the Apple Store Ginza, of course! 
i was surprised to see that most of the staff were masked. this is so un-Apple-ish!

oh i like the sleek new Macbook Air by the way. so thin! ^^

next spontaneous goal: tokyo forum

so that was it! a very random, laid back journey through tokyo.

as we said our goodbyes, i realized again how much foreigners like us stand out amidst this society. just take a look:




    AND LOL AT THE PURIKURA. You guys look like 2 cute high school girls XDDDD

    awesome shots as always!! *o*

  2. lol thanks that's the look we were going for! :P

  3. oi. r(ice)abbits have longer ears that this ->

  4. no, you're wrong, look:


  5. awesome shots, dennis. LOVE them all. I am so going Tokyo now lol :D

  6. hurry up, i'm only here til january :P

  7. nice shot! love the purikura & the stand out shot. always want to tokyo!!! love scenery out there.

  8. can yo take a cosplay play pic if there is an event with it?

  9. I think it's my favourite entry so far; shots are really cool.

    Have a nice day~.

  10. the "chaotic" photo and the "yellow-light-spiral-stairs-in-A&F" and the last photos are amazing! i would definitely be like a boy in a candy shop if i were to be in A&F, just because of that wicked crazy lighting!

  11. Hehehe I'm in Japan now myself and I feel like the last one every day even at my college here... :P

  12. Fantastic photos Dennis. I particularly love the last one, the green walkway and the purikura! Fun times \^.^/

  13. purikura is awesome!^^ but i hate the ones that magnify your eyes if you're a girl... there was a time the machine identfied me as one -.-