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Sunday, October 17, 2010

jun, part one.

this is part one.

as i told you before, my friend Jun asked me to take some pictures for his modeling portfolio. he's a great dancer and a very nice guy, i was more than happy to work with him. 

i think they turned out nice, but please give me some feedback on the pictures! there will be more of him on this blog soon ;)

by the way, Jun has a personal blog he updates almost daily, so check out if you are interested.



  1. I really like the pics! They have a great atmosphere. Love the setting too (I also love city settings, but that's just personal preference)
    One question, though: would you take his picture while dancing? 'Cause it seems that would be a great way to promote his talent (even if a pic - sadly - can't move)...or did you just not post them yet? ;)


  2. aww thanks for the critique hun!

    well, the setting was chosen by him. and dancing, uhm, i do have some dance-poses coming up, but i took a great amount of him dancing on stage / in class, so i guess he didn't want more of these.
    i did actually suggest to go and take pics in an urban background, but we didn't have enough time for that yet. maybe later? i thought of sitting in the middle of the shibuya crossing or something freaky : )

  3. Nii-Chan <3

    You've done a really great work. They're wonderful. They got such a calming, charming tone, emphasizing a beautiful person :)

    Missing you, darlin,
    Hope you're doing fine... <3



  5. Wonderful shots indeed! Colours and tone are spot on!

    Not to mention the subject matter lol XD

    Very NICE ^___^

  6. thank you ^,^/

    i feel flattered, although i can't take credit for the 'subject matter' (or can i? photosho....pssst XDDD)

  7. ;P m i the only person who thinks u can do better than this? unless u guys r going for the simple look, but "umbrella" is such an awesome object, should play around more. do some actions, have some fun with the umbrella instead of just holding it. ;P anyways, looking forward to your other dancing photos of Jun :) keep 'em coming!

  8. thank you ben for thinking so highly of my photographic skills haha :)
    just please keep in mind that those are PORTFOLIO pictures, so we didn't intend on making it too artsy. it should look 'normal', emphasizing on his looks.

    anyways, what kind of umbrella poses would you have done?

  9. yea, u have a point. well, i just thought it should be a bit more dynamic. these are more serene n cool. but then again, considering you guys r having some dancing pics coming up, so i guess these r just perfect for the portfolio. some minimal, serene, cool, elegant ones, then some other sportive, dynamics ones... and i realise there r not much variety if u want a close up photo while working with umbrella. so, sorry, my bad, didnt realise that earlier. (^///^) and about the poses i would do, i already taken some pics. will post them up in my blog soon. but i m going totally opposite of your direction. mine r more colourful and bright n fun. and i think some r really not so good for portfolio, though they might look nice. but u r right shouldnt be too artsy-fartsy... hehe^^" and lastly, i think sitting in the middle of shibuya would be a totally awesome idea! please do it, if possible! :) n oh, the 2nd photo, the more i look at it, the more i love it! :)

  10. I love the whole settings, the mood you give to him. Fits well with his image and the costume. Poetic, cool, classy and elegant. you really outdone yourself.