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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the capsule hotel.

so i spent one night in a capsule hotel.

sorry for the lack of updates, i was on a trip for a little less than a week. i went to Osaka, Kanazawa and Kobe thanks to my Japan Rail Pass. i'll post more about this later.

i had dinner with my other uncle in Kyoto and told him about my plan to stay in a capsule hotel in Osaka that night. he was shocked! both Osaka at night and that kind of hotel seemed to scare him, so he offered to pay for a 'decent' place to stay in Kyoto. but i declined. i really wanted to do this!

it was... special.
as expected, of course. haha

i stayed at the 大東洋カプセルホテル (Daitoyo Capsule Hotel)
it's almost like a regular small hotel first; there's a lounge by the lobby, they give you pajamas, toothbrush and towels. this one even had a decent sauna. big difference is the fact that you have to share the showers and bathrooms with a bunch of terribly unattractive old men. oh, and of course the capsules.

there are several hundred of those little sci-fi boxes, stacked in rows. they're made for Japanese guys, so the hole was just a lil too tight for me.
but there's TV, radio, an alarm clock and even a personal airconditioner.
the only thing that could be considered 'uncomfortable' (aside from the size of the bed) would probably be the privacy. 

yes, they do have curtains, but seeing your neighbours vis-a-vis pleasuring themselves while watching Jap-porn on their mobiles is still inevitable because of the bad quality of it.

it's big enough to sit upright at least

well, it was a very unique experience. it was 3000 yen for one night, which is a bit more than expected, so i will probably prefer the 1000 yen internet cafe as an alternative place to stay in future :P


  1. hah! this sounds like a lot of fun though : D
    Except for the unwanted pron-shows, but I guess that's just adding up to the special flair : D
    Happy to be quite short here, I guess I wouldn't mind spending a night there : D

  2. awesome! always wanted to try that! pretty funky isnt it? and (^///^)" from the 3rd pic, it kinda looks like a pet shop or those lab with animals locked up for experiments ^^" ;P

  3. It sounds unique XDDD

    I heard capsule hotels are mostly for men :O are there ladies version? I really want to try the experience of it XD

  4. Sounds romantic! I'd better don't try that kind of hotel as everyone would bump into my feet when walking in front of the capsules ;D and of course because i dont fancy masturbating old japanese men :)

    Keep up the blog!


  5. Looks like your having a lot of fun, plenty of travelling \^__^/

    I only ever stayed in a capsule hotel once. But the experience is worth it ^^ The one I stayed in Tokyo hardly had anyone if I remember correctly and the building was very cool from the outside, it was like cubes stacked together, almost like washing machines all on top of each other lol ^^

    Glad you're having a great time, looking forward to your next entry on your adventure ^__^

    Take care,
    Chris :)

  6. chris, do you mean this one?

    looks crazy

  7. Hey Dennis,

    Hahaha, that's it!! It's such a crazy cool building ^_^

  8. :D How was it? Did it feel claustrophobic?

  9. @severin: thanks! and yeah, i prefer the younger ones, too!

    @yin lei: it was ok, actually :3 you don't really need more, there's enough space to sit upright and stretch your arms