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Thursday, September 23, 2010

mori tower.

i just went to the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills today, some pics turned out to be interesting so i'm posting them right away for once :)

today was the birthday of my Swiss cousin who travelled around Japan with me for some of the past days. you wouldn't believe how old she is, she's so fresh and energetic! easily one of the coolest people i know.

we first went to this old-style restaurant in Akasaka (so beautiful there!), where we had 'Shabu-Shabu' for dinner, which is the Japanese pendant to Fondue Chinois. delicious! 

then we decided to go see Tokyo by Night from the Mori Tower's lookout spot, which was really nice. too bad i didn't have my wide angled lens with me... so all i could do was take pictures in a row and stitch them together as a panorama like this:

included in our ticket was the entry for the modern-art gallery on top of the tower. it was awesome! very interesting concepts, the rooms of the gallery were part of the art in most cases.

so much fun \o/


  1. haha^^ the couple in the 5th photo r so cute! haha^^ so schweet! :) and the 1st one looks like a shot from some advertisement. it reminds me of Nanako Matsushima for unknown reason ;P haha^^ you are making me drooling over Japan!!! (^///^) need to start saving money again! ^^" hehe

  2. Wow, what an amazing view! Next time I'm in Tokyo I must visit the Mori Tower ^^

    I agree with Ben, love the first photo and the couple in the art museum look so cute ^^

    Your certainly getting around ^__^


    The place looks really interesting!!!

  4. @Ben, she does look like Matsushima Nanako doesn't she! *nods*

    @Chris i'm doing so much, seeing so many places everyday, i wish i could share it all here. but i got only 5 posts so far... FAIL.
    there's so much more waiting to be published here! :D

    @Diana, thanks ^^ i am pretty happy with it