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Monday, September 27, 2010

meeting fischli / weiss.

last week, i had the great honor of spending a day with Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss in Kanazawa.

the video below shows the first part of their most famous achievement, i'm sure you have seen it before:

 there currently is an exhibition dedicated to their work in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, and i was invited to the opening ceremony / party as one of the few 'inofficial' guests. thanks to my cousin who is a close friend of the artist duo.

i'm sorry there are almost no interesting pictures i can share with you. partly because i didn't take that many photos, but also because i'm not sure what i am allowed to show publicly. 

i first strolled through Kanazawa City with my cousin before the day of the opening. the town was quite a disappointment all in all... and then it started to rain :P 

anyway, we found this cute neighbourhood where about a dozen tiny huts formed a little gourmet-heaven. 

so we returned there by night:

i had the first full sashimi course there. i ate all of it!!! weehaa. 
you know, i just started eating seafood this year, so this is an accomplishment.

after dinner, we met with friends and the two artists in a cozy retro styled bar. the bartender was a huge fan of their art, so he was nervous and asked for an autograph. i heard that Fischli / Weiss have a large fanbase in Japan.
i got to sit next to and chat with Mister Fischli. he's such a nice person to talk to, and i could definitely see where the humor in his artwork comes from :)
maybe we'll meet again when we're both back in Zurich.

the opening ceremony on the next day was very correct and very japanese, there was a strict hierarchy, and everthing was perfectly organized. 
after the opening, some guests were invited to dinner at a nice local restaurant. sashimi again^^

David Weiss

Peter Fischli
i adore their art, and it was very nice to meet them.

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