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Saturday, September 11, 2010


so i arrived in Japan yesterday!

some of my closer friends came to see me off at the airport, which was really nice.

my luggage was 4kg too heavy, so the check-in lady told me that i would have to pay 300 Swiss Francs for the additional weight! bah. so i opened the trunk in front of everyone and removed some stuff to make it lighter. most things fit inside my hand luggage, but the rest had to stay in Switzerland...

i was late for the plane and boarded as one of the last passengers, everyone was looking at me >.<
the guy next to my seat was a Japanese weirdo who just couldn't stop fingering his hair and licking his fingers, but it turned out he's also a very talkative funny lad. we had some great chats.

sandwiches aside, meals were only served once on this 11 hour flight, which was a bit disappointing. but the 'dinner' we had was designed by one of my favorite restaurants in Zurich, Hiltl, and tasted awesome.

i couldn't sleep at all (although everyone else seemed to), so i watched Iron Man 2 and a really awful Japanese film. all in all, it was a nice short flight.

after the arrival in Narita Airport, i waited for everyone to disembark so i could scramble my three heavy bags and walk out without hurting anyone.
as i walked by the first class section, the captain saw me and asked whether i wanted to try the first class seats and also took a picture of me sitting there, just for fun. wow, why me? :) anyway, the stewardess even gave me this manicure case for free, full with useful items. 

ok, i'm gonna fly with 'Swiss' again in future. lol

it was very nice to see my Japanese family again, it's such a pity i never get to see them. but this time, i will be around them for 5 months, and i will most probably get sick of them soon :)


  1. haha^^ awesome! next time i'll stay till the last to leave! muahhaha^^ actually, next time, when you check in, you can try and ask if the 1st class or the business class is full. sometimes, they can promote you to business class without any additional fee! i have tried a few times. it worked. so, i had really great time in the plane! ;P

    and is that bird view of Japan? :)reminds me abit of home... (^///^)

  2. oh, i will try that next time :)

    yes that's the coastline we flew over like 10 minutes before landing. it was so nice to see japanese mainland! \o/ does kota bharu look like this from above?

  3. awesome pictures. :D
    You always have a creative eye on things, even in an airplane.

  4. well, not exactly the same but something like that. well, KB used to be a fishing village. so, it's pretty near to the beach and therefore, no surprise to see that :)

  5. You look like an excited little boy in the first class seat photo XDDD

    That's really nice of the captain to ask you to try the first class seat :D

  6. i WAS feeling like a little kid! :D

    and seeing the captain was exciting enough, actually^^

  7. LOL! XDDD

    I wish i could see the captain too *o* I've never sat on an aeroplane before :( Hopefully I can at the end of this year!