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Thursday, September 30, 2010

don't let go.


  1. welcome to japan...

    "Dieses Video enthält content von Sony entertainment und ist in deinem Land nicht verfügbar.

    Hope you're having a good time, hun!

  2. "this video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your country." :(

    whose song is that? perhaps i can look for another video of the same song, because i also want to "dont let go". haha^^ ;P

  3. aw gosh, such party poopers! :(

    the song is called 'it's a wonderful life' by 'hurts'

    so i'm gonna take this post down i guess...

  4. I've got their album!!! They've become very popular in the UK. The album is fantastic ^____^

    Oh and I'm not able to watch this video here in the US either :P

  5. now that's strange... only UK and Japan?

    a pity you can't watch, it has a very unique cool look and choreography