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Saturday, September 25, 2010

do not try this at home.

this is what happens to stupid people who wake up with a hangover and try to do their harmless morning routine with plenty of distracting thoughts wandering in their heads.


i spontaneously stayed over in my friend's flat, so i decided to use the stuff there to rinse my contactlenses. in the morning, i put one of them in my eye
turns out the fluid i've been using was some kind of non neutralised preservative agent for contactlenses acid. turns out this acid just doesn't feel good in my eyes. turns out it actually says 'CAUTION' on the package of the fluid.

maybe i started to moan out loud as soon as the lens got in place, either way, i scared the hell out of my friend. it hurt so bad, i couldn't open my eyes and my tears wouldn't stop flowing. it was awful. 

the torture was over after a minute when i grabbed the lens with like four fingers and started washing my eye.

that was three days ago, and it's still red now... :3


  1. smart! :S well, how are you feeling now? any pain? or just redness? it doesnt affect your vision right? continuously use eye drops ok! loads of eye drops! and if possible, take 1000mg vitamin C per oral daily. it helps regeneration after acid burn in the eyes. and also dont use contact lens for this few days! take good care of yourself, my friend! and, despite the one sided red eye, this is actually quite a beautiful photo, poor boy! XD

  2. うさぎちゃん、眼科行きなさい

  3. しんぱいありがとん、 うさちゃんうれしいよ :3

    it's much better now, don't worry!

    and Ben, thanks for the recipe, i tried to gain lots of Vit C by eating yummylicious Japanese pears! haha^^ so juicy

  4. D: That looks terrible.



  5. it happens to me twice...
    after having a hard drink... and fell asleep.. ehhe

  6. as a photographer you cannot afford putting alien acid in your contacts due to the fact it might keep you from working properly for a few days lol glad you're ok and nothing too serious happened :D

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